26 Uses for a Puddle

What can you do with a puddle?

This list contains the 26 uses I came up for a “puddle” in 5 minutes when doing Exercise 3 from the post 8 Steps to Make Any Story Funnier

Uses for a puddle:

  1. Swimming bath for birds
  2. Foot bath for the poor
  3. A place to wash your toes
  4. A place to drown a rat
  5. Tiny ocean for ants
  6. Making an ant tsunami

<Here I thought “This exercise is getting really difficult!>

  1. Collecting rainwater
  2. Jumping in
  3. Swimming pool for the poor
  4. Reservoir for the really thirsty
  5. Mirror for checking make-up when drunk in the gutter
  6. Cleaning shoes
  7. Making a splish, splash sound
  8. For moving hand in while chatting to someone (like people do in pool when being flirty)
  9. Washing your dog really badly
  10. Scaring cats
  11. Belly flop
  12. Wetting pedestrians with a car
  13. Driving past in a lorry for a low-budget tsunami simulator

<Here I thought “This exercise is getting really difficult!” again>

  1. Jumping over practice
  2. Teaching a horse to jump water
  3. Throwing your rubbish in
  4. Keeping rescued sea birds
  5. Floating small boats
  6. Trying to float toy submarine
  7. Testing your wet suit one limb at a time

If this makes no sense to you, it shouldn’t! Read the post 8 Steps to Make Any Story Funnier.

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