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Hi, I'm Alex.

I specialize in helping tech companies to develop a unique, confident, and authentic voice for their business.

This means more than just creating regular content – although content creation is certainly part of what I can bring to a business. 

Having a unique Voice of Your Business means bringing a
clear and distinct personality that will attract the people that you want to work with.

Karine Simard, 

Director Of Operations, Robotiq

Alex has shown a keen understanding of our audience and has a writing style that is easy to read. He has made fairly dry topics interesting - even for the non-technical readers. Alex's blog posts are amongst the most popular on our website and his ebooks have created genuine interest in our products and led to business opportunities for us. We look forward to read Alex's new work every week!

Case study: Robotiq

Robotiq is a Quebec-based manufacturer of robotic technologies. 

But, they are more than that.

Over the years that I've been creating content for them, I have seen that Robotiq is a true thought leader in the field of collaborative robotics. They aren't just interested in selling a few "robotic gizmos." From the co-founders Samuel and Jean-Philippe to every team member I've interacted with, I have seen that they are committed to making the world of robotics truly easy for everyone.

In my time with them, I've seen Robotiq grow and flourish from being a company of only a handful of people – when Samuel first got in contact with me – to being one of the most recognizable robotics brands in the world of collaborative robotics. 

A few of the most viral posts I've written for Robotiq over the years

A few high-performing product-related posts

And some of the lead-conversion eBooks I've written for them

And you can find dozens and dozens more of the blog posts I've written for them over the years on my author page on the Robotiq blog.

What services I offer

If you let me, I will help your business to develop a distinct voice that sets you apart in your chosen markets.

My services differ depending on the needs of the client, including:

  • Content Strategy – I work with your marketing team, or in place of your marketing team if you don't have one, to create a strategy that makes sense for your business goals and chosen positioning in the market.
  • Content Creation – Often included on a project-based or ongoing basis. 
  • One-to-one Training – I believe that creating a unique voice for your business is not all about content. Coaching and training play a part particularly when your strategy requires key members of your team to communicate on behalf of your business (in videos, webinars, networking, conference presentations, etc). 
  • Group workshops – When more people need to communicate on behalf of your business, group trainings are a great way to get people on the same page, ensuring that your entire team communicates with a consistent, unique voice. 

Exactly how I will help you depends the specific needs of your unique  business.

How it works

You can't hire me to write just one or two blog posts for you.

If you're looking for just a one-off content creation job, I'm probably not the right person for you. 

There's only one way that I can create content that really helps your business stand out and attracts the people that you want to work with. And that's when I can get my teeth stuck into your business to really understand what "makes you tick." 

You and I both need to  understand what truly makes you different before I can help to convince the world that your business is different. 


Initially, we work together to clarify the Voice of Your Business. This involves various steps, depending on your business, including interviews with your team and market research. 


Depending on the scope of our engagement, I will either take the helm of your content strategy or collaborate with your marketing team to set our strategy. 


I will continue to work with you strategically and create necessary content, either on an ongoing basis or for the length of the project that we have decided on together. 

Case study: RoboDK

RoboDK is a Montreal-based provider of robot offline programming software. 

They aren't just another programming tool, of which there are many in the industry. RoboDK is taking on the big guys! 

The world of robotic programming is dominated by huge incumbent players who have retained control of the market for decades. For a long time, users have been tied into these programs as they were provided by robot manufacturers.  RoboDK is dedicated to doing things differently – positioning themselves as an approachable, affordable software that works with any robot brand. 

In our marketing approach, we have been both addressed this problem head on and provided helpful information and guidance to those users just getting into robot programming. 

I have worked primarily in their content strategy, PR and blog writing. However, when needed we have also incorporated some of the communications training and video work that I offer. 

A few of the highest-performing posts I've written for RoboDK

A few high-performing product update and case study posts

Some Video and PR content I've been instrumental in creating

And you can find dozens more of the blog posts I've written for them over the years on the RoboDK blog. 

Results for RoboDK

> 3 million

Pageviews since I've been working with them


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