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Alex is a great speaker and hope to have more session in the future.

It was presented in an entertaining and informative way. Audience participation helped too.

Alex managed to pack in a lot of useful stuff in a one hour slot!

Attendees at the Insurance Society of Edinburgh

Most popular sessions

Below is a list of my most popular sessions. All of them can be delivered as a 20-60 minute keynote or a seminar. 

Please get in contact with Alex for your exact requirements. 

The Essential Skill for Preparing Clear, Confident Presentations

Giving presentations makes a lot of us uncomfortable. Sure, we might be confident talking to colleagues or friends in social situations, but many of us struggle as soon as we have to present our ideas more formally in a clear, confident and coherent way. What makes it even more challenging is that we want to engage our listeners. And that's not easy, right!? Many of us talk on quite dry topics. How can we keep the audience's interest when we ourselves want to fall asleep?

There's a secret to giving more engaging, confident presentations… and it's not what most people think. It doesn't matter whether you give presentations one-to-one, in small groups or in front of much larger audiences, this secret applies to any public speaking situation.

After this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify the essential skill that most presenters neglect (including some professional speakers).
  2. Explain how to prepare presentations so you feel comfortable when you get up to speak.
  3. Use the 6-question process for making your presentation clearer and more engaging.
  4. Clarify what's interesting in your next speech and how you can transmit that to the audience.

Supercharge Your Authority With Next-Level Vocal Skill

Our voice speaks volumes about us. From the moment that our newborn lungs fuelled that first ear-splitting cry to the last word we spoke today, our voices have worked tirelessly to communicate our personality with the world. Our voice affects our credibility, our authority, and our persuasiveness. And yet, most of us are increasingly disconnected from our own voices. As leaders, our success depends on our ability to communicate clearly, confidently and authentically. This is problematic enough in "normal life"… but how can we expect to give world-class presentations when we don't know our larynx from our elbow?

In this practical and interactive workshop from award-winning professional speaker and self-professed "voice geek" Alex Owen-Hill, you will learn about the sounds, science and superpowers of the human voice. He'll introduce you, for perhaps the first time in your life, to this often-overlooked symphony of muscles in the human body. You'll learn how to develop your speaking presence to become more memorable and to better influence your listeners.

Why Stories Work and How to Master Them

Once upon a time… there was an adult with an important lesson to teach and a child who needed to learn it. But, there was a problem. The child, it seemed, had a short attention span. The adult needed an entertaining way to pass on their knowledge. The lesson needed to be memorable and it needed to be exciting. And so began the history of storytelling.

Storytelling is experiencing an explosive renaissance at the moment in business, politics and entertainment. Why are stories so successful as a way to pass on information? What happens to our brain when we listen to a story? How can we ourselves become better storytellers to keep people's attention? In this session you learn why stories work and how you can master them.