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Training for Tech

Want to create sales and marketing presentations that truly engage with your potential partners, customer or investors? 

Want to set your tech company apart from everyone else in the market?

Want to improve the communication between your teams? 

I grew up as the only introvert engineer in a family of actors and acting teachers. For most of my life, I felt far more comfortable coding and building robots alone in my room than I did talking to people. But, growing up around performers taught me the skills that even shy techies like myself can use to become spectacular presenters. Then, working as a marketer for years taught me how to create persuasive presentations that truly speak to your audience's needs. Now, I'm one of the most confident, dynamic speakers that you'll ever meet. 

I offer workshops, seminars and coaching for tech companies. Given the current situation where virtual presentations are now the norm, I have created some training programs specially designed for presenting in a virtual environment, drawing on my over a decade of experience working with video and online settings. 

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Better Virtual Team Presentations Workshop

Have you ever sat listening to a presentation in a meeting and thought "I don't understand why this person is telling me all this information"

You're tired, you're bored, you're dreaming of your sofa. You've got much more important things to do with your time than listen to yet another badly presented progress presentation (though, of course, you do need to know the progress of the project).

Most people think that bad presentations are just a necessary nuisance of business life. Almost everyone is terrible at presentations, right? 

However, ineffective presentations are not just an annoyance. They are a serious problem that can affect the company culture, productivity and trust within your teams.  This is even more important now that virtual team meetings have become the norm. 

The cost of ineffective presentations

According to a study by SIS International, small to medium businesses waste an average of 17.5 hours a week per employee in clarifying previous communications. For a company of just 100 employees, this is the equivalent of feeding over £400,000 per year into your office paper shredder by not training your team to communicate effectively. 

Training your team to give better presentations can lead to:

  • Reduced work errors and wasted time fixing them.
  • Fewer misunderstandings between teams and colleagues. 
  • Less wasted time doing unnecessary work to clarify bad communications.
  • Improved trust between teams and partner companies.
  • Productivity boost from improved communication.

Better Virtual Team Presentations Workshop

This 3-day, practical virtual workshop will train your team in a framework that they can use to improve presentations within your company. Whether they are just giving presentations at their weekly team meeting or they are presenting to investors, board members or partner companies, this framework will give attendees the skills they need to quickly and effectively prepare presentations that truly work. 

Through interactive sessions, exercises and feedback, attendees will learn: 

  • The Common Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes in Virtual Presentations.
  • How to Prepare Presentations Quickly and Easily Every Time. 
  • A 6-Step Process for Designing a Presentation That Listeners Will Love.
  • The Reliable Framework for Structuring and Rehearsing Any Presentation.
  • How to Keep Audiences Interested When Presenting Online.
  • A Process for Making Data-Heavy Presentations Much More Engaging.

Next-Level Virtual Presentation Coaching

Whether you're speaking at a conference that has been moved online, pitching your company to a virtual roomful of investors, or delivering virtual sales presentations to potential clients… you are the voice of your business. You are the voice of your business whether you are the CEO, a VP or a Dev. 

How well you present in these situations will directly affect people's perception of your business and your competence. Your audience is unconsciously asking themselves questions like: Do I trust this person? Do I want to do business with them? Is my money safe with this person?

Of course, your company is more than just you.  But, whenever you speak on behalf of it, the people in the audience will now associate the company with your face and your voice. If they trust you, they will trust the company. If they don't trust you…

The Need for Next-Level Presentation Skills

There are plenty of ways you could learn about presentation skills. You could download a book, you could grab a cheap Udemy course, you could watch so many TED talks that you forget what day it is. The problem is that great presentation skills can't be learned passively. All these methods give us the illusion that we are learning, but in fact they are making us less adept at speaking. 

Giving a presentation is a physical activity. This is true whether you are speaking on stage at a conference or giving a virtual progress presentation to your team. The world's best performers learned their skills by actively training with a coach who knew what to look for – someone who could recognise their strengths as a performer and help them to raise their level far beyond what would be possible alone. 

Next-Level Virtual Presentation Coaching

This 4-week intensive coaching program is for leaders and team members who need to speak in a high-stakes presentation on behalf of your company. It's designed to quickly take you from a state of having no presentation prepared to being performance-ready within one month.