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About Alex-Owen-Hill


Hi, I’m Alex.

I’m a speaking coach, professional speaker, content marketer and storyteller. My passion is to help people like you to become better communicators.

My Story

I’m a naturally shy person. That’s why I always find it funny (and a little infuriating) when people tell me “You’re so natural on stage. I wish I could speak as naturally as you do.”

It’s not natural! I’ve learned to be a great speaker, and so can you!


I have worked long and hard to become the engaging, dynamic speaker that I am today. I have studied storytelling, rhetoric, stand up comedy, psychology and much more. I’m always learning.

With a background in robotics engineering, I come from a field where presentations and reports are dry, technical and often boring. But, they don’t have to be like this. I have learned how to make both spoken and written communications more engaging and entertaining.

On this blog, you will find practical advice on how you can do the same.

My writing services

As well as being a public speaker, I’m also a professional blogger. I’ve written in many fields, from robotics and IT to language learning and coffee. If you are interested in my writing work, please check out my writing homepage.

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