Learn the secret skills of the world's top performers... 

Truly engaging presentations rely on a set of foundational skills that almost nobody is teaching to business presenters. Want to learn those "secret" skills?

why work with me?

I help passionate people to give clear, confident, authentic presentations that truly engage.  

Professional Speaking

I'm an award-winning professional speaker, providing keynote speeches and seminars on how to communicate more effectively and authentically. I also MC events. I always get the audience involved!

1-1 Coaching

I help passionate people to present their ideas and businesses more clearly, confidently and creatively. With my Performance Skills Level-Up Frameworks, I can help you prepare for any speaking event from a board meeting to a conference keynote. 

Training for Tech

I help tech companies to improve the communication skill within their teams to improve productivity and company-culture. I work closely together with you to build a training package which suits the needs of your growing business . 

about you

Do you feel that your presentations could be much, much better?

You're right!

Have you ever seen someone give a great presentation and thought "They're so natural!"?

Do you think you could you ever be like them?

Like many people, you might feel that presentation skills are not your strong point. You might worry that you're just never going to get any better at them. You might think "I just haven't got The Gift."

Maybe you think that you're okay at presentations. You get by... but you're not jaw-droppingly amazing. 

These are totally normal feelings. 

I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to become a world-class communicator. Everyone has the potential...

... but only a select few people have the access to the right tools. The tools of world-class performers. 

Without the access to these tools, it's entirely normal for people to reach a plateau of speaking ability and stay at that level for their entire lives. 

But, what if you did have access to those tools?


I approach presentation skills quite differently from most people...

There are plenty of people who teach presentation skills out there. Plenty of people who will tell you how to make better PowerPoint slides and teach you the basic theory. There are also plenty of people who claim to teach you how to stand, speak, and "gesture" in presentations. 

I am not like them.

My approach to presentations are founded on a whole raft of skills that professional performers in several disciplines are taught from Day 1. But, outside of those disciplines, the skills are practically unknown. 


Check what my clients say about me behind my back

"If you're thinking about becoming a better presenter, becoming a better public speaker, becoming a better storyteller, I would work with Alex. In the first 5 sessions you won't believe the difference the guy can make."

Joe Trodden

The mindset experts

The guidance that I've had from Alex means that I can be quite specific about my message. I think I come across as a lot more focused and clearer. More confident and authoritative about what I want to say.

Veronica Gallagher

Castletown Law

"I'm very impressed with Alex's knowledge and his observation - he clearly knows his stuff and goes the extra mile to deliver value."

Kevin McPhillips

SentiaPlus Change Management

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