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Why You Run Out Of Breath In Presentations
Running of breath is a surprisingly common problem for public speakers. Here's why it happens and what you can do[...]
Can You Speak Softly With Power?
We often have to speak quietly these days, in Skype calls, webinars, podcasts or phone calls. But, is it possible[...]
The Secret To Telling Engaging Stories
Good stories to break one of the core rules of public speaking. Here is the one secret to telling a[...]
10 Ridiculous Rules About Introverts and Networking
"I'm an introvert so I'm bad at networking." Have you heard yourself say that before? Here are 10 "rules" I[...]
How to Manage Energy in Networking as an Introvert
When you're an introvert, you need to be careful about how you spend your energy in networking situations... as I[...]
Why Mum Was Right About Posture
My mum said it, your mum probably said it. But was she right? It turns out, Yes! Mum was right[...]
Did You Know There Are 12 Ways to Prepare a Presentation?
There are many ways to prepare a presentation. Some are more effective than others. Take the quiz to find out[...]
This Damaging Myth Makes Presentation Anxiety Worse
Feel nervous before a presentation? This common speaking myth just makes it worse … and too many people believe it![...]
Nervous About Public Speaking? Read This
Do you want to get rid of your nerves before you speak in public? Before you read any more tips[...]
Do You Prepare Your Presentations All Wrong?
The way most of us learn to prepare presentations is fundamentally flawed. Here's what you can do about it. How[...]
Have You Been Breathing All Wrong?
If you have never stopped to ask yourself "How am I breathing today?" you're missing the most powerful technique for[...]
What is Presence?
How do you develop your Speaking Presence? First, you have to work out what Presence means to you… which is[...]
How to Use Audience Interaction, Step by Step
Do you want to use audience interaction in your presentations but don't know where to start? Here's a step by[...]
5 Rules for Effective Audience Interaction in Speeches
Many speakers are apprehensive about using audience interaction. But it's actually quite easy, and even fun! Just follow these rules.[...]
The 3 Essential Voice Warm Up Exercises
How do you prepare your voice for a presentation, performance, or practice? Before you do anything else, use these 3[...]
Top 3 Terrible Speaking Tips That Damage New Speakers
Public speaking "quick tips" are fashionable these days. But some tips actually stop you from being a good speaker, like[...]
How to Give a Great Presentation With a Sore Voice
You've got a presentation tomorrow, but you've lost your voice! How can you make it better? Don't worry, all is[...]
Lost Your Voice? 10 Ways to Make Your Sore Voice Worse
You've got a presentation coming up, but you've lost your voice! There is a lot of bad advice out there.[...]
How to Plan Your Voice Goals for 2018 to Ensure Success
It's that time of year to start making New Year's Resolutions. But, don't rush to set impossible voice goals! Here's[...]
How to Create a Communication Success Review for 2017
What went well this year and what do you still need to improve? Here's how to create a communication success[...]
What to Do If You Can’t Remember Any Personal Stories
Storytelling is a key pillar of effective communication. But, what if you don't have a story to tell? Here's 803[...]
6 Ways to Remember Your Stories in the Festive Season
Stories make for engaging communication. But, what if you can't remember stories from your life? Now is the perfect time[...]
26 Uses for a Puddle
What can you do with a puddle? This list contains the 26 uses I came up for a "puddle" in[...]
8 Steps to Make Any Story Funnier
How do you make a story funny when you're not a natural comedian? Here are 8 exercises to improve your[...]
Overcoming Presentation Fear is Like Playing Basketball
How much do you really need to practise your presentation to overcome fear? It's just like playing basketball! Wait… what?[...]
How to Have a Pleasing Presentation Voice
What do you do if your presentation voice isn't great? Here are 5 steps to help you improve. "I want[...]
How to Use Masterful Micro-Stories Like Seth Godin
We all know that real stories make your presentation shine. But, can you tell an effective story in less than[...]
What is Create, Clarify, Articulate?
How much more could you achieve if you could communicate more confidently and effectively? That's what Create, Clarify, Articulate is[...]