Uncover the Unique Voice of Your Business

Date & time :

Wednesday 28th July 2021

Duration 45 minutes

12.00    PM GMT+1(BST) 

7.00  AM EDT

What you’ll learn in this live training:

Do you want to stand out in your industry?

Do you want to create a business that will attract the people that you want to work with?

We all want customers to choose our business over our competitors. We want investors to trust us enough to invest in our ideas. We want the right partners to gravitate to our business. And we want our teams to stay happy, productive, and working for us instead of moving to other companies.

In this free live training, you'll learn… 

The core problem with the way most companies approach business communication.

A new way to approach business communication that feels more natural and works better.

An actionable framework that you can use now to uncover the unique Voice of Your Business

Bonus: The 7-Step Checklist for Businesses With a Distinct Voice

A cheat sheet for the steps you can take to turn your business into one that truly speaks to people.

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Your Webinar Host:

Alex Owen-Hill

Alex Owen-Hill helps business owners and tech companies to create a unique voice for their business that boosts their company's authority without losing their authenticity. 

Over the last 6 years, he has helped tech companies to stand out in their market and attract the customers that they want to work with. He is also a professional speaker and helps his coaching clients to excel at spoken communication. 

His favourite cocktail is a Rye Old Fashioned (if you ever find yourself in a bar with him 😉)

Places on the live training are limited!

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