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What People Say About Alex's Training

“If you want more than the usual off-the-shelf tips and techniques for public speaking and presenting, then Alex is the person to talk to.”

Denise Strohsahl

"Alex teaches many actionable tips to make our presentations greater and more impactful.
What I particularly liked was that everybody could adapt his advice to their own particular field of expertise, so our presentations would not look too similar in the end."

Nathalie Bagadey


What’s Inside the Book?

Essential Voice Primer

Learning to use your voice is immensely empowering. It can
make a huge difference to your presentations. For me, it has
made a huge difference to my life, and I hope it can for you too.
This eBook aims to provide you with the introduction that you
need to begin discovering and developing your own effective
speaking voice.

Next-Level Online Presentations Worksheet

Whether you are speaking up in a virtual meeting or you are standing on a virtual stage in front of hundreds of people, the right preparation can make the difference between success and failure. 

This worksheet helps you prepare for your next event.  

Spectacular Voice Cheat Sheets

Haven't got time to warm up your body and voice before your next speaking engagement?

This pack of cheat sheets give you key exercises that you can use to get in the right frame of mind and body to perform at your best, whatever situation you are speaking in. 

About the Author

Alex Owen-Hill

Hi, I'm Alex Owen-Hill.

I develop business owners and people in tech companies into confident, engaging and authentic communicators.

Whether you are giving presentations, creating marketing content, or engaging with prospects online, I can help you to become the person that your idea customers want to work with. 

I have over a decade of experience creating engaging stories for a diverse range of mediums, including short films, stand-up comedy and "serious" academic presentations. 

There is really no type of communication that doesn't benefit from adding a story… and this giveaway will show you how. 

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