Want to Significantly Improve Your Presentations Online?

Are your online presentations not as great as you know they could be? 

You're probably right. But, don't worry…

Every Wednesday in June and July, I'm running free webinars for people who want to raise their game in their presentations. There are two webinars that repeat every fortnight.

Whether you're giving progress presentations to a team or talking to virtual rooms of hundreds of potential prospects, these trainings are for you!

9 Mistakes Most People Make When Giving Presentations About Their Work Online

It's not easy to give a great online presentation, is it?

Maybe you're giving a progress presentation to another team within your company. Maybe you're talking to partner companies or presenting to potential prospects. 

How do you keep everyone interested when you're delivering your presentation?
How can you avoid them falling asleep or checking their Facebook?
How will you present your information so they stay interested?


11 Next-Level Audience Engagement Tricks to Make Your Virtual Presentation Unforgettable

Are you worried that your own virtual presentations might be less than spectacular? Let's be honest, most of us could be doing a lot more to engage our audiences better when we're speaking online.

Let's be honest, most online presentations are just not engaging.

Which is a shame…

There are some amazing ways to improve the engagement of your presentations if you just know what they are. With the right techniques, you can even make your virtual presentations better than the best in-person presentations!


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Alex Owen-Hill

Award-winning speaker and next-level presentation coach. I grew up as the only introverted engineer in a family of actors and acting teachers. My unique approach to developing presentation skills can help anyone, even introverts like me, to become a significantly better speaker permanently.

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