9 Lesser-Known Mistakes Most People Make When
Giving Presentations Online

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Alex Owen-Hill


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It's not easy to give a great online presentation, is it?

Maybe you're giving a progress presentation to another team within your company. Maybe you're talking to partner companies or presenting to potential prospects.

Let's face it. Even back before everything was virtual, presentations weren't your favourite activity (if we're honest, you'd probably prefer to read the whole encyclopedia than get up and give a presentation).

But, now that we're online everything is just that slightly bit more challenging…

How do you keep everyone engaged when you're delivering your presentation?

How can you avoid them falling asleep or checking their Facebook?

How will you present your information so they stay interested?

There are a ton of techniques you can use to improve your presentations both online and off. Techniques to present your information so it doesn't come across as dry. Techniques to make everyone in the room as passionate about your work as you are. Techniques to keep yourself clear, calm and confident when giving the presentation.

But, let's start simple.

There are 9 mistakes that most people make when giving presentations online. By simply avoiding these mistakes, you can make a huge difference to your presentations immediately.

In this 1-hour interactive, free session I'll teach you some of the top techniques that you can use to improve the engagement in your online presentations.

Whatever type of presentations you give, this training will set you up for success.

On this FREE Training You Will Discover...

  • 1
    The 1 big mistake that makes potentially interesting presentations into mind-numbing dirge-fests that make you want to eat your own coffee mug in exasperation.  
  • 2
    Why most people have learned the wrong strategy for preparing presentations and how to prepare them more easily and effectively. 
  • 3
    Clear, actionable strategies that you can apply to your online presentations immediately to set you far above most other online presentations. 
  • 4
    Plus, free bonus: I'll give you a jedi-level tool for creating presentation content that your audience will love. 

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